Remember MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is the open source software used (and originally written) to power Wikipedia. Much of my work involves meeting corporate clients, initiating internal communications audits and diagnosing areas of pain that social software may (or may not) assist with. Once...

Where Does the Web Fit?

An interesting post titled “Does your company need a Chief Web Officer?” from David Berlind, a ZDNet blogger, has got me thinking about where ‘Web responsibilities’ fit in the modern day enterprise. I had a really interesting meeting with a...


Techies (affectionately??) refer to Internet Explorer’s latest release as IE7. Somebody has registered Microsoft may not be chuffed with what they’ve put there. You tell me. Thanks for the link Dave.

Vinny with TT100 Awards

Vinny with TT100 Awards, originally uploaded by Mike Stopforth. Well done IncuBeta!! Vinny with IncuBeta’s numerous awards. How does he get that pose right every time??

Camp Out

Camp Out, originally uploaded by Mike Stopforth. Taken in Heidelberg Kloof? The Drakensburg? Warmbaths? Nope, taken at 80km/h while whizzing thru Gillooly’s interchange in Jozi – arguably the busiest interchange in Gauteng. This clearly is an efficient new...