Or at least I thought so. Sure, we struggled to hear at times as we competed with another party upstairs at Primi Forum Melrose Arch, but all in all I think it was a super evening.

Just under 100 people rocked up to the biggest 27dinner so far, we might have even clocked 100 as the evening wore on – a fantastic turnout and hopefully a testimony to the improved registration experience on the new Drupal-powered 27dinner.com. There’s still much room for improvement, both in the site and at the events, your feedback is encouraged and welcomed as always.

Significantly there were more corporates and high-powered businessmen and women in attendance than ever before, intermingled with the usual geek suspects. Sadly we had less media-types in attendance but with the Loeries having just happened the weekend before, and it being a busy time in the industry for key individuals, this was understandable.

Our speakers for the evening included Kate Elphick who gave an informative presentation on 10 business models for Web 2.0 entrepreneurs, Jason Hobbs on User Experience Design (brilliant for the second 27 in a row) and last but certainly not least South Africa’s very own Mark Zuckerberg, Charl Norman who gave us an inside look into how he and his colleagues are building and growing some of SA’s most exciting social networks.

A huge thanks goes out to the incomparable Roy Blumenthal for adding an engaging ‘visual facilitation’ component to the evening’s happenings. Thanks Roy for coming on board!

One of the highlights for me, not wanting to blow smoke up my own ass, was the impromptu interview I did with Charl, and I realised I’ve perhaps been missing out on an opportunity to do that more often.

So in the interest of delivering an even better experience of 27 next time, who would like to hear speak, or hear interviewed, or would you like to see a panel of speakers debating something?? Let me know in the comments here…

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