SuperBru LogoMy mate Patrick recently extended me an invite to join his pool in‘s brilliant new online sports prediction game SuperBru. Hesitant at first, it took me some time to register my account and get started, but I’m so glad I did.

First up it’s an awesome site. Everything works nicely, it’s powerful, easily navigable and fun to use. The concept is simple – create a profile, start or join a pool in the competition of your choice (i.e. Super14, Tri-Nations, etc.) and start predicting. There’s no betting involved and it’s free to use.

Now time to brag – after a pretty modest start to the competition I predicted all 7 of this weekends Super14 results SPOT ON! methinks I should take up a job in rugby (especially considering my vast experience playing the game – NOT) or perhaps in gambling. Either way I’m pretty chuffed with myself!