So perhaps you’ve heard of fat blogging, a meme started by Jason Calcanis of Sequoia Capital. I first stumbled across the term on Joe Jaffe’s site. Basically, as I understand it, the idea is to declare your overweight-ness to you reading audience, with the intention of losing weight and having them (and other) fat bloggers hold you accountable to the weight loss process.

getting things done book david allenIt’s a bit like Alcoholics Anonymous, but online and for fat people. I think. My interest in the process is the emphasis on authenticity and accountability.

I am lucky – I don’t have a problem with my weight. But I do have a problem, and you only need to work with me for a short while (as the team at Cerebra has quickly discovered) to see the negative impact it has on my work and life in general. You see, I don’t plan very well. I don’t manage time very well. I am forgetful and I don’t utilise productivity tools at my disposal to the degree I should. I get by on luck and an ability to work very well under pressure.

In the past this was ok, I could get by and scrape through, but with my current workload the stress generated as a result of the growing piles of unfinished ‘stuff’ that occupies the RAM of my brain is getting the better of me.

So I need your help. I’m going to be GTD blogging. GTD blogging? Well, Getting Things Done (GTD for short) is a helpful, efficient philosophy aimed at teaching stress-free productivity. I got the book recently (although the theory is not knew to me) and am already starting to see the benefits of employing the strategies in my work and personal life.

I’m going to post about the stuff I learn, how I’m implementing it and how it’s making a difference. I hope you will hold me accountable to the process!