afrigator logo whiteLast night in the semi-darkness of what was arguably the best 27dinner I’ve been to yet (no small thanks to sponsors Stormhoek and Afrihost), we announced the launch of Afrigator Beta.

Our primary focus is establishing ourselves as Africa’s primary Social Media Aggregator. We pull content in and splice and dice it into easily consumable chunks for readers, viewers and listeners, and reward the publishers who submit their feeds to our site by directing traffic straight back to them.

The dev team of Justin Hartman, Stii Pretorius, Mark Forrester and I had remarkably never been in the same room together before last night – this entire project, from concept to Beta, has been co-ordinated and executed on a globally collaborative basis. Here is Justin’s presentation from last night’s dinner:

Nic Haralambous was kind enough to video the entire preso too, you can watch it here. Please feel free to check out Mess around with it a bit, break it, and let us know what we need to fix / streamline / change to make it dead sexy.

I’m pretty thrilled to report that Marshall Kilpatrick of the extremely popular technology blog Read/Write Web gave us a stirling review, which at this early early stage is a huge honour. If you enjoy the story, please consider digging it here or voting for it on Muti here. A huge hat tip to Charl Norman for alerting R/WW to developments here in SA and for opening the door for the review – we owe you bud 🙂

the afrigator team