Justin is, as I write this, launching Afrigator‘s newest innovation to our fellow African geeks at BarCamp Nigeria in Lagos.

Gatorpeeps is a micro-blogging platform, not unlike Twitter or Pownce (which died), that makes it really easy for existing Afrigator users to connect with other Afrigator users in 140 characters or less, and with all the other cool functionality you’ve come to expect from a micro-blogging platform.

I can say a few things with absolute confidence. Firstly please understand that I can take absolutely no credit whatsoever for this new extension to ‘Gator – this is purely a product of the amazing energy and efficiency being produced by the dream team of Hartman, Pretorius and Hein in tour Cape Town offices. I’m very much the silent partner 😉

Secondly I can guarantee that Gatorpeeps will either be a huge success or a bit of a flop. And that depends entirely on you, who have supported us so faithfully until now as we evolve this little beast of ours into something really useful, valuable and meaningful to you and the rest of Africa’s digital citizens. Help us make it a success by giving it a go and sending us feedback like you always do.