On Wednesday I wrote about an email I had received from a Pagleflakes employee (Tegan) that had felt a bit like spam. I wasn’t particulary pissed off about it, rather pointing to different marketing approaches and the fine line between proactivity and spam in the world of Web 2.0 uber-competitiveness.

It turns out one or two other blogs were on about the same saubject, so it quickly picked up momentum.

Yesterday I received a follow-up email from Tegan:


I’m sorry if you felt that my e-mail about the Pageflakes button was spam. It was not my intention to spam you or annoy you. This is my first job in internet marketing and as you can tell I’m not very good at. Please forgive me and don’t hold my crap skill against Pageflakes.

Sorry for your time and inconvenience.

Tegan Harris

I’m inclined to believe that Tegan’s email is genuine (and therefore Tegan is), and not some fabricated response from Pageflakes. It came through at 2:38pm my time on a Saturday – the likelihood is it was sent on a Saturday.

If Tegan is indeed a real person and her email to me was proactive and personal, then I overreacted. Problem is, we get so much spam shoved down our throats on a daily basis it’s hard not to have an extreme reaction even to (what now seems to be) a personalized email.

So, to Tegan – thanks for your apology. I sincerely hope my arb comment didn’t shed bad light on your proactive efforts.

If you’re not real, and this is just a marketing cover up, it still warmed the cockles of my cold heart, so well done anyway 🙂