After a marathon 30 hour transit from Jo’burg to Austin, the last few days have been spent acclimatising to a dry Austin that is starting to enjoy the first signs of Spring, and of course with it, the deluge of crazy people (70,000+) that descend on this small city for the SXSW music, film and digital festival.

Whereas last year’s trip with Allan Kent was characterised by a perpetual feeling of bewilderment at the sheer scale of the event, this year has already been far more manageable and enjoyable thanks to my improved ‘local’ knowledge. Added to that is the excitement around the fact that there are many more South Africans attending this year (over 25) – which is, I hope, going to be great for the industry back home.

The first day we arrived (the 10th) was spent recovering. The 11th was all used up at a Social Business Summit run by the Dachis Group – a fantastic warm-up to the festival filled with arguably more valuable content than the whole of SXSWi, and some fantastic networking opportunities.

The flickr stream is a great place to get a sense of the visual buffet that is SXSW. If you’re interested in regular updates follow me on Twitter. Otherwise keep I’ll be posting summaries here.