I attended the inaugural National Speakers Association of South Africa annual convention this past weekend.

It was well worth the investment, and even if watching a multitude of talented, professional overseas and local speakers didn’t result in any life-changing aha-moment (I don’t respond well to motivational talks), there was much self-learning to be done.

The most valuable lesson I’ll take from the weekend is not to underestimate the importance of building your personal brand. This is a difficult one for me, as I feel I need to strike a balance between building a personal brand, not being an egotistical prat and retaining some of what makes me, me.

So you’ll understand that registering www.mikestopforth.com was an uncomfortable move. It feels conceited. However, I know I’m good at what I do – scratch that – excellent at what I do, and if I’m going to continue making a living out of it years into the future I need to invest in long-term… stuff.

I hope this site will be an informative occasional visit for you, and that you’ll get a small taste of who I am and what it is I do here.