I’m speaking at a conference next week – Customer Management World Africa 2007 – part of the deal is that I get two guest passes to the event. The event has a great line-up, including the likes of Clem Sunter, Mixael de Kock (Maverick), Gidon Novick (Kulula) and Kevin Utian (Nando’s) to name a few.

The tickets are valued at just under R 12 000 each, not a bad prize 🙂

So here’s the deal, if you’re keen to get your hands on a ticket, do the following:

1. Blog about an experience of dodgy customer service you’ve had in the last three months. Name names. Be specific. Be honest, too.

2. Suggest ways, in your post, that the company in question could improve on their screw up (social media solutions are a nice angle, obviously).

3. Link back to this post (that way I’ll pick it up).

I will leave it open until Friday for you to submit your stories, judge two winners by who comes up with the most creative, innovative solutions and each will get a ticket!

Please note the event is in Jozi – Sandton – and I can’t pay for your flights from CT or Durbs but if you want to then great!