Reading through the attendee list at DEMO08 is like reading a who’s who of tech news and innovation and more importantly, venture capital and investment. It is tech/web startup heaven, all jammed into two days. Sitting in front of me are Walt Mossberg, popular columnist for the Wall Street Journal and Stephen Wildstrom from BusinessWeek.

I’ve got on my ‘have-to-meet’ list names like Om Malik, Richard MacManus, Shel Israel, Dan Farber, Tris Hussey and more – and those are just the bloggers.

You can follow the whole thing via streaming video here.

DEMO08 Introduction

Chris Shipley, Executive Producer of DEMO

Why 77 companies at DEMO08? DEMO is driven by bringing great – the best – products and ideas to DEMO08. Not just Web 2.0 products, not just business products, devices, but a much broader and all-encompassing scope.

1. TimeTrade Systems

“TimeTrade provides appointment scheduling software and hosted (“on-demand”) solutions to some of the world’s best known organizations.”

2. Iterasi

“The saving and sharing of your personal Web experience”
Bookmarks take you to the ‘beginning’ of a site, Iterasi takes you back to the exact ‘location’ (precise screen) you were in when you saved it using ‘notaries’.

3. Liquid Planner

Online project management tool. Unique because it ‘manages uncertainty’. Can estimate timings in a range. The entire schedule hierarchy is profoundly affected by minor changes in individual projects.

4. Citiport

“Travel is not only about transactions”. Where to stay? is better answered by locals than by Google. Very cool layout, simple concept that relies on the collaboration and contribution of locals – everyone wants to tell people about where they live! Trip planner is intuitive and has huge potential for integration with transactional services.

5. Leapfrog

Tag reading system – designed to get kids aged 4 to 8 reading. Revolves around a super-cool reading pen that relies on infra-red to ‘communicate’ with special Leapfrog books. Parents download audio for books from the Web, and can also upload data to track what and how their kids are learning. This is a quantum leap in education!!!

6. Skyfire

Next generation mobile browser. The Web on phones today feels like the Web in 95. Skyfire shows Web sites, pages, apps, videos, and more as it should be viewed. Skyfire brings a PC-like Web experience on to mobile phones. Relies heavily on a sort of double click zoom function. Supports javascript, flash (PC version 8 and 9), Ajax and more…

7. Fabrik

Web storage and solutions company. “Aggregation through virtualisation”.

8. SpeakLike

Chat client that changes the way people communicate and connect across languages. It translates what you ype, as you type it. The system gets smarter and faster the more people use it. Also translates slang, idioms and IM shortcuts (very cool)…

Multiple people can chat in multiple languages at the same time. Ha ha – did you hear the one about the Englishman, the Spaniard and the Chinaman? Balances machine translation and human-like control.

9. Step Labs

Noise is nothing. Voice is everything. Step Labs is an acoustic software design company committed to providing clear and clean voice to humans and machines.

10. NotchUp

The best people are those who currently have jobs. NotchUp allows people with jobs to still market themselves in a secure, private way, and recruiters to bid to interview great talent who might consider moving.


“The WebMD of education – reliable and trusted education information. School Finder is a service that allows parents to seek out schools that suit their children and their needs. Content aggregated grade by grade.

12. 800 PBX

“Built using the patent pending technologies, 800 Genie provides a wide gamut of services including reading and replying to your mail (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and most service providers are supported), real-time tele-blogging, group messaging, reminders, traffic updates, directions, weather, podcasts, various kinds of news including business, top stories, sports etc. Genie can also maintain your calendar and notes. Genie uses advanced speech recognition engines to match voice inputs. Besides speech, Genie can also understand touch tones.”

Essentially, 800 Genie allows me to access and execute Web applications from any telephone, via voice instruction.

13. Toktumi

“Turn your small office into a big office with professional business phone service you can set up in minutes …”

14. Avistar corporation

“Avistar’s market-leading products provide instant, seamless, face-to-face and data communication anywhere in the world. Avistar enables faster decision-making; vastly improved communication; more productive interactions between employees, teams, and organizations; and a 25% reduction in travel time to and from meetings. Avistar’s innovative technology also delivers enterprise-class quality, reliability, control and security. This value and performance is why Avistar clients will use our product more than 90 million minutes over the next 12 months.”

15. Santrum

BloCafe – a talkable, co-editable, user-manageable blog

16. Movial

Next generation IP communications services. Integration of social media with mobile. Social Communicator – share social content with all your contacts.

“Movial Social Communicator is the new way for people to instantly share and communicate about Social Media content from PC and Mobile devices to any online or offline user. It brings together real-time voice and video calls, unified messaging and instant sharing of Social Media content (YouTube, RSS News Feeds, Flickr, etc) with a consistent great user experience across devices.

Movial’s Social Communicator delivers a rich new way to unite the Telco’s core business of communication with social communities and internet content on any device. It creates more communication and sharing which means a boost for carriers worldwide in attracting new subscribers and new communication, content, and advertising revenue.”

17. Ribbit

Ribbit Amphibian…

With Amphibian you can finally:

* Manage your mobile voicemail like email on your computer and on your mobile phone.
* Turn your voicemail into text to make voice messages sharable, searchable, and most importantly actionable.
* Take and make mobile calls from any browser or web page – such as iGoogle, Facebook, and many more.
* Experience Caller ID 2.0 – dip into the social web and know not just who is calling but what the caller has been doing.
* Have scores of web developers working at internet speed building new phone applications for you.

This rocks my world…

Ok signing off for a bit. Jet lag destroying me.