Alright in the interest of saving my energy for the jam session tonight, I’m going to highlight only the products I particularly enjoy in this session…

1. Voyant

This self-funded DIY financial planning solution was extremely well presented, without a doubt the most complete presentation so far. Although I don’t see it being something I could work with (financial planning and I don’t get along) – different strokes for different folks.

2. Blist

Dubbed the ‘database for the rest of us’. Blist (Web + List = Blist) is a beautiful, rich Web application that allows anybody to manage powerful databases using a UI that reminds one of Excel on steroids. Cells can include rich content – photo’s, tables, documents – and building or importing Blists is incredibly easy. Outstanding product.

3. Cellspin

Create and share any media from mobile phone to any website (or multiple websites). Free to user, relies on mobile ads. Very simple and intuitive process, well presented and put together.

4. Sprout

Sprout is very cool – even the guys who presented it are cool. Launching at DEMO, Sprout allows anybody create rich Flash widgets to share with anyone – great for muso’s, sprots teams, etc. Any Sprout I create is immediately updated in it’s embedded form in other sites when I make changes. Very nice.

Erik has some pics up at Flickr

5. Livescribe

Also love the Livescribe Pulse pen… actually gonna buy one to take home with me – Angus will be thrilled.

6. Seesmic

Video Twitter. This is awesome – something I could definitely get into. Might chow bandwidth but that’s only an issue for us Africans.

7. iVideosongs

Learn how to play songs on guitar, drums etc. exactly how they are meant to be played online. Download the videos to multiple devices. Non-DRM. iVideosongs has struck deals with all the major publishers and even has some leading artists presenting their songs in a VH1 Storytellers-type fashion.