I just bought a new house. This is the third time I’ve moved in five years and they’re right, it’s pretty traumatic at the best of times. This first time I moved I asked for recommendations for a removal company, and EEZI MOVE was suggested. I used them for two successive moves, and my partner used them for her move and we had really good experiences all three times. You might say I was a loyal customer. I have recommended them in turn tons of times, including to the folks we bought this new house from.

This time was different. I have never been treated so badly – so disrespectfully – in as long as I can remember and I want to protect you from making the mistake of ever using them. And I want to encourage you to share the story with as many people as possible.

Booking our removal was a very frustrating experience. While the original booking was easy enough, we requested assistance with collection of extra furniture from a third party en route to our house, happy to pay the extra cost, and this was virtually impossible to explain over email or the phone. We were finally issued a quotation, which I was asked to sign and settle. I signed and requested bank details over email (17 June, 4 days before the move) but was never issued an invoice.

EEZI MOVE assured us a team of packers would arrive at 08h00 and the removals truck would arrive at 11h20 on Saturday morning. By 08h30 nobody had arrived, so we called EEZI MOVE to find out what had happened. Leandra, the consultant on duty, did not know why nobody had arrived and called us back after investigating to notify us that a driver had not arrived in the morning and so the packing team had gone off to Centurion. We asked her to confirm a time of arrival, which she could not, saying they should be with us around 10h00.

By 10h00, nobody had arrived. Luckily, Anna had asked EEZI to drop off 10 boxes in advance so we at least had a chance to pack those boxes and do something constructive.

By 11h00, nobody had arrived.

At around 11h20, the removals truck arrived. Unfortunately as the packers had not come yet, this group of EEZI MOVE employees were less than keen to adapt their job descriptions to packing and not moving. They did bring 10 extra boxes with them though, so while Anna and I packed those up with the assistance of one of the guys who was very helpful, the rest watched, sunbathed, WhatsApped and on the odd occasion wrapped up a few of the larger parcels. Nothing could be put into the van though, until all the boxes had been packed. Still no packers.

Around 12h00 the packers arrived. They had 18 boxes with them. We had asked for 35 boxes but they brought 18.

It took forever to pack up. Cupboards upstairs were missed entirely, and because of the shortage of boxes a lot of our kitchen was packed up into plastic bags. We didn’t fit everything into the truck – mostly our fault as Anna and I underestimated how much stuff we had, but the space in the truck was also limited because the removal team had obviously been donated a few items (including two huge lawnmowers) at their previous move and those items were more important than our so we had to do return trips in our cars to pick up the last of our stuff.

We finally got to our new home at 14h30, and I was so relived to be there I could have cried. The guys started offloading some random bits and bobs and then stopped. They all sat down on the grass, returned to WhatsApp and the more helpful of the quartet came to me with a pile of papers saying, “settle.”

I did not have cash, and my Mac was packed in a box somewhere, so the only way I could settle was with my phone. I didn’t have EEZI MOVE’s bank details on hand and no invoice (still hadn’t been sent to me), so I called Leandra back to ask for the bank details. The conversation went like this (I was pretty pissed off already as you might imagine):

Me: “Hi Leandra, I need your bank details because the guys won’t offload the stuff until I’ve paid you. Which I would have done but you haven’t sent me an invoice yet. Can I get your bank details, and please let me know what discount I am receiving because you were late, because I packed 10 boxes and because we got to my new home two hours later than you indicated?”

Leandra: “Oh no sorry Mike, we can’t give you a discount. The removals truck arrived on time.”

Me: “Sure, spot on, but the packers arrived four hours late.”

Leandra: “But the removals truck arrived on time, and you got packed up, and you’re at your new house, right?”

Me: “Ok look I don’t actually care right now. I’ll pay the amount on the quotation so these guys can start offloading – we still have to unpack!”

Leandra: “Oh no you can’t do that either, we have to revise the invoice because our team packed 38 boxes but we only quoted you for 20.”

So at this stage the red mist came down and I started to get genuinely angry. EEZI MOVE knew they had me by the balls because my entire life was in the back of their van, and they wouldn’t budge until I’d paid. Ironically, I would have paid three times the quotation amount to get the stuff out of the truck but the admin dispute around who packed what boxes delayed this another 30 minutes. Leandra refused to believe that Anna and I had packed 10 boxes on our own before her packing team arrived because she “didn’t have proof”. I’m not even joking.

Eventually I managed to make the payment and send proof via the FNB app, upon which the team started unpacking. Particularly interesting to me was how one of the more proactive and longer-serving employees from the removals team (who actually recognised me from a previous move), walked up and down saying “this always happens, this always happens.” Apparently I’m not the only customer EEZI MOVE treat this way. Because of the rush and shortage of boxes our stuff was a mess when we unpacked.

This was such a shocking experience and I would strongly recommend that you AVOID EEZI MOVE at all costs. They do not care about the stresses involved in a move. Wait, actually, I think they’re well aware of the stresses and they leverage that pain accordingly.

I’m well aware and conscious of the damage that can be done when customers whine about brands online. But I don’t whine a lot. And I’m the first to compliment companies who get it right. This was nothing short of disgusting treatment from a company who I was supporting for the fourth time, never mind the recommendations I’ve passed on.