Dennis Howlett, a fellow Social Media Collective member, got in touch with me the other day to chat about a new project he’s working on – check out FreeAgent Central. In short, FreeAgent Central is Freshbooks, but aimed at a UK market and (according to Dennis), better.

I am financially challenged. It’s not that I can’t make money – it’s that I battle to manage the paper process that goes with money. Half the time I forget to invoice clients (I’m serious – I’ve actually had a client phone me to ask me to PLEASE invoice them), and I don’t track payments very well. I’ve hired an accountant to help but ideally one wants to be in control of the process oneself. Or at least be able to understand it. Freshbooks, and now FreeAgent Central, do just that. Check out FreeAgent Central’s Value page for more details.

Is there a market for this kind of web-based offering here in SA? Would you use it?