Normally when a big sporting event is one, like the Cricket World Cup earlier this year and the Rugby World Cup happening at the moment, I’m guaranteed to find an iCal calendar to subscribe to at one of my favourite resources, iCalShare.

However, for the Twenty20 World Cup, I came up short – clearly not mainstream or popular enough to warrant a calendar on iCalShare. I thought for a split second I might do the nice thing and load all the fixtures into my own calendar to share there but then remembered just how lazy I am and was immediately cured.

Not to be defeated, I found that another great cricketing resource,, has all the fixtures for download to Outlook. Outlook bleeuch. iCal yay.

Anyhow I downloaded the file in the hope I may be lucky, and I was – the format is .ics which is compatible with iCal. I created a new calendar for the fixtures, improted th file from my desktop and hey presto – all the fixtures are now in my calendar.

So clever, I am.