Not only has Dion Chang forged an enviable reputation as one of South Africa’s leading fashion authorities but since breaking away from that industry and into trend forecasting and commentary a few years back, he and the brilliant team at Flux have set the benchmark in strategic thinking for the future of and in South Africa. At the launch of Dion’s 2010 Flux Trends Review earlier this month Toby Shapshak described him as the “best incarnation of Ghandi’s ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ mantra’, which is no mean compliment.

So you’ll understand how flattered I was when Dion asked me in April if I would be willing to contribute a chapter on Social Media and it’s effect on brands and consumers for the 2010 review. I was honoured to be published in the review alongside such luminaries as Mondli Makhanya, Irwin Manoim, Damon Stapleton and Doctor Marlene Wasserman to name just a few.

The book is brilliant – the content really top class and well worth the price. If you are keen to get one for yourself (to consume over the festive season) or as end of year gifts to either your staff or customers, they are available on – simply click here. Enjoy it!