LiptonNot all that long ago I was musing about the Stork Blogging Ad on TV, and now I hear from Kwame Mdaka that there is a viral campaign on the loose linked to another Unilever brand – this time Lipton Ice Tea.

Apparently if you buy 20 x 1.5 liter bottles of Lipton Ice Tea (about R 180) you get a free one-way !!! RETURN !!! ticket to Cape Town from 1Time airlines!

Strangely (or sadly), same as the blogging ad on TV, I can find nothing on the Web to confirm or deny this offer / campaign / joke. Kwame is a trusted friend, so I know he’s not messing with me. He and two mates cleared Pick ‘n Pay Craighall’s entire stock of Lipton and collected their tickets!

Anyone know anything about it?


A comment from Anya, Marketing Manager of 1Time Airlines (kudos to you for your quick response!), explains that YES!, there is a campaign and the details are at

Well done guys.