Yup, we’re drawing closer to the end of 2007 (believe it or not) and that means conferences springing up all over the place. In amongst the inevitable muck that sometimes dominates the industry there are some really cool events lined up which you may be interested in attending. Yes, I’m speaking at them, but that’s not the only reason they’re cool. He he.

1. Brands in the Digital World – 30 October 2007

Knowledge Resources is proud to present this one-day conference that will give delegates insight into cutting-edge and global thinking about brands in the digital arena and show how you can adapt this thinking for your brands.

Increasingly, brands are following or being pulled by their consumers into the digital arena of social networking and user-created content, where the traditional rule of brand marketing is falling by the wayside. Traditional media like print, television and radio have to compete for space with new media such as blogs, Facebook and Second Life. However, the most effective marketing campaigns are clearly those that merge the physical and digital worlds.

2. African Media and Broadcasting Congress – 29 October to 2 November

The African media and broadcasting industry is changing; the pace, too frightening to mention. Advertising and marketing channels are evolving, social media and networks seem to be more and more prominent and the advancements as far as TV goes are revolutionary … HD, IP, Mobile …

3. Word of Mouth Marketing Workshop
– 6 November

Motivating customers and prospects to say good things about you – that’s the trick and that’s how to gain real competitive advantage. The keynote speaker and Master Class leader is Steve Barton, a founding member of the Word of Mouth Institute in the UK, he will bring an international perspective to best practices, some really clever examples and talk about critical measurement criteria. Complementing him is our selection of really smart SA WOM marketers explaining their thinking behind their successful best practices.

4. Magazine Publishers Association Conference – 6 November

In line with the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa’s new strategic direction, we bring you an annual publishing conference with several exciting international speakers and the crème de la crème of local experts.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Those are the public ones at least.

Hope to see you at a few of them!