I was introduced to the music of the Dave Matthews Band almost ten years ago. Their music, for a multitude of reasons, has always held a very special place in my heart. I’m a fan of a broad range of music genre’s and styles, but there’s just something about these guys that speaks to my soul.

If you’re a South African, the chances are good that you don’t know much about them. This is because DMB gets very little radio play locally (they’re not very commercial) and the band has never played here. What may surprise you is to know that Dave was born and raised in South Africa and yet DMB is far more popular in the States, enjoying one of the largest online followings of any band worldwide, and is one of the most prolific live acts in the USA. Read the Wikipedia article for more info…

Needless to say, I’m an enormous fan of Dave Matthews and his band. Bit of an evangelist actually. If there was anyone (famous) I ever wanted to meet, this is the guy. And today I got the chance. The kind folks at Jacaranda FM included me in his studio interview today at Montecasino. Dave holidays fairly regularly in South Africa (I presume to see family), but this time around he’s promoting a movie he’s involved in titled Joshua, a psychological thriller currently showing at cinemas.

It’s hard to summarise an experience like this morning’s into a few words. Pictures work better. I suggest, if you care, that you check out Aiden’s photos. I can say this though – if I had ever hoped that Dave Matthews would be an approachable, humble, humourous kinda guy, all my expectations were fulfilled and then some. Dishing out handshakes, smiles, autographs and even hugs with a real sense of sincerity, he made the whole experience quite special for the few of us that were there.

I took this video of him playing his Grammy-award winning single Gravedigger, I hope you enjoy it…

If you liked the video, digg it here please.

A final thanks once again to the Jacaranda FM team for giving me the experience of a lifetime 🙂

I might update the post as more movies, pics and things arrive… watch this space!