What are you all squealing about? What is so terrible about MTN and Jupiter drawing from public domain user-generated content and simply producing slicker or better (debatable) versions thereof?

Doesn’t the entire blogosphere work that way? Somebody comes up with something cool – an idea, notion, concept, buzzword – and then everyone piles in adding their 2c worth. You could argue that due attribution takes place via links and trackbacks online, but sometimes the originators of ideas get lost in the noise and sheer volume online too. Take the 27 Dinners for example – they’re growing at such a rate there are people that have no idea that I, let alone Cerebra, have anything to do with them. In fact someone was kind enough to send me an invitation to the next Jozi wone the other day encouraging me to be a part of it 🙂

So I say congrats to MTN and Jupiter – looks like you two just discovered the elusive business model for YouTube – unashamed copying!!!