One of the prizes for the best Web / Tech / thingy blog at the awards last night was a hotspot-in-a-box from Henk of Skyrove.

I’m going to try explain how it works in plain English because it can be a bit tough to grasp at first, but as I understand it activating my Skyrove wi-fi hotspot allows me to sell my Internet bandwidth to other users in close proximity to me.

So as a practical example, I have set my hotspot up at home. This gives me wireless Internet access across my property, and I can offer the service to my neighbours instead of them having a full-blown broadband solution, and hopefully cover my costs and maybe even make a profit in the process.

It’s not technical to set up – it comes with really easy-to-install instructions that I’ve experienced no problem with. The packaging is very cool with stickers and bits and pieces to promote your hotspot. This is ideal for those of you who run small restaurants or cafe’s, live in a student digs or in a small complex – offering quality wi-fi connectivity while making money back on the same time.

skyrove packaging hotspot wifi

Because Skyrove bills per Mb downloaded, and not by time (like many wi-fi hotspots currently in operation), hotspot owners like me are incentivised to make the connection speed as FAST as possible to encourage my users to download more data. Hotspots that bill by minute or hour slow down their connection speeds to save on bandwidth costs. Some Skyrove hotspots are therefore reportedly up to ten times faster than competitors, in virtually the same area.

I love the concept, it works like a bomb and would encourage you to contact Henk to find out more if you’re interested.