This post has been in draft phase for months now, after I promised a series on building your personal brand online.

However, thanks to the sharing magnificence that is Muti, I’ve discovered someone cleverer than me at has come up with a brilliant post on the same subject and heck – you know me – why re-invent a perfectly good wheel when you can link to it and still look smart 😛

The post in question, titled “Reference Check: You Are Who Google Says You Are” is written by Tatsuya Nakagawa and Peter Paul Roosen and offers some wonderful tips toward ensuring that the first 3 pages of a Google search of your name reflect the kind of image you want it to. If it doesn’t, the article offers advice for sorting that out.

Some thoughts to add…

I recently had a conversation with Rich…! about the importance of using your real name in as many digital engagements as possible to ensure a strong presence. You may have a generic name but that’s irrelevant – there’s more than one Tom Peters out there but I guarantee you a Google search will be dominated by that one oke in particular. Trust Google to adequately reflect your hard work and effort online. Use your real name wherever you make a new comment, register a profile (yes, MyBlogLog, Digg, Muti, etc. included – I think this is really non-geeky but uber-important), etc.

Handles are great but from a business perspective, your name pasted all over the Web has weight. Leverage it.