It’s 4am, Tuesday 29 January in Palm Desert, California. Forgive me if I’m getting it wrong but I have seen numerous signs in the last day or so that read Palm Desert, Desert Springs and Palm Springs. Much confusion.

The trip here was painfully long, but generally ok. I flew with Virgin Atlantic and despite a lengthy delay at OR Tambo in Johannesburg and some nasty turbulence en route to Heathrow, I made my connection and touched down in LAX 27 or so hours later. This is where it got fun though, because DEMO‘s organisers could not find a shuttle ride to the resort and so got me a hire car instead.

The hire car turned out to be a Ford Mustang convertible – ha ha – which would probably have been even more fun than it was had I not being negotiating peak hour LA traffic in a left-hand drive car, on the wrong side of the damn road, after a 27 hour flight. The drive to Palm Springs turned out to be just over 3 hours and I must confess I had moments of wanting to just pull over and collapse in some dodgy motel and tackle it all in the morning. What made it so much worse is my absolute lack of direction (and of a Garmin map for the States – not clever), but the wait was worthwhile as the relief washed over me pulling into the driveway of the JW Marriott Palm Desert Spa and Golf resort.

Wow. What a place. It was a dark moonless night so I didn’t get to see as much as I would have liked driving into Palm Springs or the resort, but what I did see was truly breathtaking. I can’t wait for the darn sun to rise so I can go for an early stroll 🙂

I immediately hopped into the shower, then met up with Erik Hersman for a quick cup of coffee, but didn’t last as long as I might’ve liked and climbed into bed pretty early. I have a really nice room on the top floor pf the hotel and will post some pics up once I have some light to take them with. Check my flickr account or Facebook profile – they’ll all go up there.