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DEMO is the premier launch venue for new products, technologies and companies. For more than 16 years, DEMO has established a reputation for identifying and presenting to an elite audience the products most likely to have a significant impact on the marketplace and market trends in the coming year…

… and I’m going to it 🙂

I owe Erik Hersman (the White African) a huge thank you for suggesting to DEMO Executive Producer Chris Shipley that I be a panelist with him at the upcoming DEMO ’08 conference to be held on the 28th, 29th and 30th of January in Palm Desert, CA.

Thrilled to accept this incredible opportunity, I’m now faced with a number of challenges. First and foremost is my outright nemesis – organising visa documentation in rapid time. But I seem to be on track with that already. Going to probably fly with SAA as I’ve been warned against Delta and Virgin is a little too expensive.

The next, and significantly bigger challenge, is coming to terms with being asked to represent African Web innovators and startups. I’m not concerned that I’m a white dude representing a predominantly black continent – I’ve tried my best over the past two years to promote South African and African Web innovators and startups in a number of ways and so believe I’ve earned at least the chance to tell others about how passionate I am when I see what’s happening on our continent. I’m more concerned that I want to do all of you – the best that South Africa and Africa has to offer the world – justice.

So on that note I’d appreciate your help. I have a pretty clear idea in my mind of the kinds of things I’d like to demonstrate, showcase and inform at the conference, but if you where in my shoes, what would you tell the cream of the first-world’s technology crop at DEMO ’08?