I recently met the team behind SARugby.com (nice domain acquisition there) after a conference. They’re a cool bunch who are keen to grow their site by engaging with bloggers and the SA social media scene in general. This in a recent email from David Wessels:

SARugby.com have launched a competition for all South African bloggers ahead of the World Cup. We have decided to give away the new Springbok jersey to the winning blogger in our competition.

Basically we’d like you to write something about rugby – anything, really, and then go over to http://blogs.sarugby.com/world-cup-bloggers-competition/ and enter your post into the competition. You can enter as many posts as you like but you’ll need to enter each one individually.

The winner is the blog with the highest ranking (which includes 100 votes or more). In the event of a tie, the blog with the most votes will be deemed the winner. If they are still tied, the winners will both get jersey’s.

It’s that easy.

If you are interested in taking part just check out http://blogs.sarugby.com/world-cup-bloggers-competition/ where there are more details and the tracking codes you’ll need to allow your readers to vote for you.

I know I’ll be entering. My ripped pecs would look simply fantastic in one of those jerseys…