Help me out here – I’m livid. Just spent 30 min at the reception counter at Southern Sun Grayston trying to purchase a voucher for wifi access, seeing as I’m about to present to the National Speaker’s Association in 90 min. I really don’t want to have to rely on my phone which may stuff out on me in the middle of my preso – not fun.

So basically, I logged on to the website to buy time (which gets my goat in the first place – you’d think a venue like this would offer free wifi), but the website doesn’t work properly and can’t facilitate the payment process – it’s hosted and provided by Telkom, is this a coincidence?

I go to the counter to purchase time manually, and get told I have an option of 40, 60 or 80 min at R 1 per minute. Yikes. No prob, I say, the website says that I can also pay R 80 flatrate for a days’ access. I can live with that. Just.

No sir, I get told, that option isn’t valid on OUR system (although it was valid on the site), you’ll have to buy the R 235 option for 3 days. Fantastic. I must pay R 235 for 70 hours of access I won’t use.

I decide to compromise and ask if they can offer me the 3 days at perhaps R 100 or R 120. No go. I’m angry now. This is ridiculous. I’m not even staying at the conference – I’m a freakin’ guest speaker at someone else’s conference!!!!

So you can help me send Southern Sun a message. Shimmy on down to this fantastic venue in the next 72 hours, enter the voucher number 2357056599 and enjoy free wifi (up to 600Mb of course). If the number doesn’t work first time put a hash (#) at the end of it.

I want to squeeze every last bit of value out of my R 235 possible. Hope to see you here!

(Such a pity next three days aren’t work days).

Southern Sun’s GM makes right. Thanks!