As you know, I love sport. When it comes to motor sport, I’ll watch the World Rally Championships or even the A1 Grand Prix long before forking out the time to watch the soap opera that has become Formula One. It’s seems each year I watch Formula One there are more rules, more restrictions (ok so more people live when cars go hurtling into walls at 200m/ph so I can sort of understand that), and more melodrama. It has only been the appearance of the phenomenal talent of British rookie Lewis Hamilton that has kindled any interest for me this year.

Suddenly this evening I stumble across a news report that McLaren Mercedes have had all their championship points stripped and have been fined $100 million!!! Has there ever been an equivalent fine in any sporting code, ever?

The synopsis is that McLaren have been found guilty of being in possession of secret documentation about Ferrari cars that was obtained under dubious circumstances. People are being fired left, right and center and there’s much finger-pointing going on. Fortunately the drivers will not have their points stripped so both Alonso and Hamilton are still in the running for the driver’s championship.

Bloody heck. Maybe this is exactly what F1 needed to get interesting…