sa blog awards logo 2007Not your typical awards ceremony. Crazy foosball tournaments, vuvuzelas, reggae beats and the oddest lot of quasi-black Bob Marley wannabe’s I’ve ever seen.

Last night was the culmination of the much spoken about and debated 2007 Blog Awards effort at Cool Runnings in Fourways (thanks Rich…!, nice venue, even though I needed to fill my car up on the way there and then on the way back home again).

Huge thanks goes to Jon Cherry for putting together the best awards year we’ve had yet (and for having a thick skin in the process) and to the Links for their organisation and prolific video skills, yet again. You know you’re good when you can capture video at an event, then edit it, add music and graphics and show it back to the audience a half hour later. Scary. Talk about agility.

The star of the show was Tertia Albertyn of the brilliant So Close blog. Sadly, Tertia was Cape Town bound and could not join us at the awards ceremony, but I took the liberty of calling her to tell her she had one Blog of the Year (and then called her again by mistake – I dialled her number with my right bum cheek – in the midst of a raucous foosball game) and Best Writing on a Blog. What a champ. I’m completely thrilled that Tertia won – not only does her blog enjoy prolific traffic stats, but it has been recognised internationally after being successfully turned into a book.

Other special mentions go to the ZA Show, which beat us (Amplitude) to podcast of the year, and to the other very special competitors in that category, six and nine-year old Sarah and Nina from 1-2-3 Listen To Me, whose podcasting skills match their vuvuzela skills (which are substantial, mind you!).

I was lucky enough to beat some top class competition to claim Best Blog about Tech / Web etc. which I was very chuffed about, thanks to all who helped out with votes! Thanks also to Henk for the Skyrove hotspot – I’m thrilled to finally have wireless Internet at home and will be roaming around this weekend signing up new users 🙂 Lastly but certainly not leastly, a big thank you to Dell who sponsored a laptop in this category too – I’m happy as a pig in poo.

Cerebra also sponsored iPod Nano’s to two categories, Best Blog about Music and Best Designed Blog which The Muso and (If I remember correctly) Trash Media claimed respectively. We will be sending those prizes to the recipients (I was a little concerned if I bought the prizes in advance that someone like Mark would win and I’d be stuck with a Nano I don’t need…).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but thanks once again to all who’ve helped make the 2007 Awards a possibility – good to see the SA Blogosphere growing and thriving.