I think everybody complains. Especially South Africans. Complaining is our 12th official language. Some complain and do nothing to fix what they’re complaining about. But others – the select few – seek to change whats wrong with the world with invaluable random acts of kindess (stolen from Evan Almighty).

Two such people are very good friends of Wendy and mine (their beautiful daughter is my God-daughter) – Patrick and Lisa Clarke – who have stepped out in faith to fix something they identified as broken. To make it work they’re relying on the kindess of others who want to make a difference, and that’s why I’m letting you know – maybe you can help.

Hope iThemba is a center that provides resources such as councelling, information, ultrasound scans and clinical services to girls and women who may have fallen pregnant unexpectedly. Hope iThemba is pro life and wants to offer these potential moms the opportunity to make an educated decision about keeping their children, and supporting them in that process, before they seek an abortion in sub-standard conditions that could jeopardise their health in the process. It’s an ambitious, necessary and admirable project. An excerpt from one of Patrick’s recent newsletters:

One of the needs we now have in this regard is the necessity of security monitoring for the facility. Having an ultrasound significantly pushes up the value of the centre to potential thieves. At this point in time, we do not as yet have sufficient funds for the installation of a security system and the monthly monitoring fees thereof.

We are also looking for some working computers to assist the ladies with the administrative work around keeping accurate records (we are affiliated to Africa Cares for Life and one of our requirements to them is accurate stats), checking emails, and general day to day business in running the centre. For those that may have old machines lying around and or are willing to either assist in purchasing these items or provide a donation towards this, please feel free to contact us.)

So they need a couple of computers, or laptops (decent ones, but not necessarily new or top of the range) and a security system. I know you know someone, or can help yourself – help me help them. Thanks!