Ok maybe I’m finding this funnier than you will, but I just got a mail from Virgin Active saying the following (verbatim):

Hey there

Premier Upgrade Fee

We’re writing to let you know that your monthly upgrade fee will be increased by R .00 per month, effective 1 January 2009, resulting in your new monthly instalments now being R .00 per month. We know that because of the holidays and festive spending January always seems to feel like the longest financial month in the year, and that’s why Virgin Active has decided to delay this increase until February 2009. What this means is that in February, we’ll generate a debit order for R .00 (since we only debited your account for R .00 in January).

The good news is that from March this year, your debits will then continue at the monthly rate of R .00 per month, for the remainder of 2009.

Ha ha.