If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed of when it comes to social media and the social evolution, it’s tons of hype. You only need to follow some of the conversation around the ridiculously popular SXSWi digital festival to realise that there is still, 6 or 7 years later, no shortage of buzzwords and bubbles in our space.

I’m under no illusion that Cerebra has benefited from some of this hype, but we’ve always tried our best to strip away the nonsense and deliver meaningful insights and advice to our clients. You’ll understand then why I get uptight when I see people  (who in many cases call themselves “gurus”) running courses and conferences on the topic in the hope of making a quick buck off the trend. While I’m sure many of these courses add some value, they are often run by individuals that have never actually done any work for a client (or even in some cases for themselves). Still, because of the collective paranoia many clients feel around the social trend, these programs are well attended and as such the market is being flooded with dodgy thinking.

As part of our ongoing commitment to anti-bullshit, Cerebra announced a few cool projects earlier this year, which are all currently underway and rocking!

The first is our Content and Community Management Masterclass – a course held over four intense sessions that combines theory and practical exercises to help individuals with a solid foundational understanding of social media marketing to improve their content skills and strategic thinking.

The second is our Social Media 101 seminar – free evening sessions aimed at people with little to no understanding of the social trend or social channels. Our first session, to be held this coming Tuesday, already has 200 sign ups – insane!

Lastly, we’ve also published We Are Community – a free eBook with our collective thoughts and ideas around content creation and community management for corporate brands. Please feel free to download it and pass it on – we’d love your feedback on how to improve it for future editions.

There’ll be plenty more where these came from so look out , share and participate.