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Don’t Be a Digital Disruption Statistic

No transformation happens without a significant shift in values and behaviours. These are functions of culture, which is in turn a function of leadership. The world needs more transformative digital leaders.

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Looking for a speaker or facilitator on the topics of digital disruption, innovation, and or digital transformation? Look no further. With over 15 years of industry experience, coupled with lessons garnered from building and selling multiple digital companies, I can tailor a practical and informative solution that meets your requirements and delivers valuable outcomes.

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Mike is the founder of consulting firm Beyond Binary, co-founder of social media crisis consultancy 48HOURS, a keynote speaker, and podcast host. Prior to this work Mike built Cerebra into Africa's leading social media agency, selling it to WPP in 2013. Before that he co-founded Afrigator, an aggregator for African content creators, selling it to Naspers in 2008.

Mike is a true expert in his field and he is a supremely talented speaker. He consistently ranks as the top speaker at conferences for good reason – he is knowledgeable, entertaining, and always gives the audience deep insight into social media, marketing, entrepreneurship, and digital disruption trends. If you want a world-class speaker for your conference, book Mike Stopforth. - Rudolph Muller (mybroadband.co.za)

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