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#BrandSchizo – My Book Is Out! (And Free Stuff)

I’m thrilled to announce that my book, #BrandSchizo, is finally out in print!

I have been talking about brand schizophrenia for some time now and worked with the wonderful Amy Heydenrych to compile those blog posts, talks, and interviews into a single coherent work. It was published with the help of Jacana Media and the design team of Chanel and Tanya at Cerebra.

The book addresses my assertion that the risk in the gap between what brands promise in social media and what the businesses behind those brands deliver in actuality is more significant than having no social media brand presence whatsoever. It defines brand schizophrenia, provides tools for diagnosis and steps to the cure.

#BrandSchizo got great reviews from friends – and colleagues in the industry too. Branding and advertising guru Andy Rice had this to say:

Mike Stopforth succinctly charts the growth of the latest and most disruptive era in the evolution of brands, which has left Industrial Age businesses struggling to cope with a changed environment populated by Information Age customers and staff.

Dion Chang, author, and owner of Flux Trends:

Mike Stopforth highlights the gaping divide between a new generation customer who embraces the speed, functionality and connectivity of a digital era, and the slow moving, mostly confused and bewildered corporations that are still relying on outdated business templates spawned in the 20th century.

And my old boss, author, and futurist Dr. Graeme Codrington, shared his thoughts too:

Mike Stopforth has written a really important book in Brand Schizo.  With his normal brio and racy style, he takes us back to the start of the Industrial era and then rushes us forward to the start of the referral economy he believes we’re living in now. Along the way he makes a compelling case for a new set of rules for success for companies and individuals alike. 

The book will be available on Amazon in electronic format very soon.

As a means of celebrating, and in the interest of getting my book into your hands, I’m giving away 20 FREE #BrandSchizo talks. With each 45 minute talk, you get 20 copies of the book, also for free. Here are the Ts and Cs:

  • You have to actually be a brand – i.e., a company, organisation, publication, product, etc. At this stage, I’m not doing kids’ parties. Yet.
  • There have to be at least 20 people in the room.
  • You can invite as many people as you like to listen, but you can’t charge for the event.
  • You have to pay for my travel if you’re not in Johannesburg.
  • You have to comment on this post telling me why you think it would be beneficial to your company. Pretty much any reason is good enough, but it’s a first-come, first served scenario. Also, please log in with your email address so we can contact you to set up a date and time.

I look forward to it! And please share your thoughts on the book and the idea, positive or negative, on this post or as a review.

24 thoughts on “#BrandSchizo – My Book Is Out! (And Free Stuff)

  1. Come and chat to the Brooke Pattrick team. Why? The multiplier effect … we have brands, we have platforms for brands. Mostly B2B, mostly poorly informed about the social era and it’s impact on their businesses.

  2. Not a brand. Not an organisation. Just wanted to say awesome work Mr Stopforth. I’d kill to hear you talk about this (and read the book). Well done!

  3. Would love to get some hotel property managers, as well as our digital team in a room. There is, so often, a MASSIVE gap between the quality engagement and personality I put forward on their social platforms, vs. the actual face-to-face interactions that happen AT the properties. We’re in Joburg … in Sandton … and I’m sure we could host the talk at The Maslow and get a couple of key people there to listen to the talk, along with our digital team.


  4. Hi Mike, congrats on the new book. We are holding the inaugural SAIRA online retailing conference on 13/14 October in Cape Town and it would be great to get you involved if you are available. What is the best time/way to contact you?

  5. Yes! We at 360 Online want to book a talk, for our team and some of our lovely clients. And we have cookies…..

  6. Are there any free talks left? We would love to have you as a guest lecturer for our Strategic Communications module at the University of Johannesburg. I am one of the students and I think it is so vital for us to stay inspired and motivated by industry talent such as yourself. Not to mention I am one of Cerebra’s biggest fans. I mention instagram and Cerebra about a dozen times in a lecture.

  7. Hi Mike, Any talks left? We would love to have you. We are a baby goods company based in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. I have personally seen one of your talks and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love for our staff to be as excited about Brand Development as i am 🙂 So many possibilities!!!! Very excited to read your new book too. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Do you ever sleep?)

  8. Mike – brand schizophrenia is not a social media phenomenon; but social media has exposed it.
    As long as there have been brands, there have been gaps between the brand promise and operational alignment.
    In the age of broadcast media – where high media costs gave brands control – the gaps could be hidden. But social media has lowered the cost of being heard, and control has moved from brands to their customers. When the crowd speaks the gaps are exposed.

    1. Hi Colin – thanks for the comment and we say the same thing; Social media is not responsible for #BrandSchizo, but does shine an uncomfortable spotlight on the gap. As a direct result the apparent gap initiates significant risk – risk over and above simple client frustration. Can I get you a copy? 😉

  9. I am very very Jealous of the below people, please please come to talk to our managers, we have a forum coming up. I recently spoke to the team about employer brand and how we have our own internal schizo, I feel the team can gain much value from what you have to share. Heard you on 702 last night and could not get out my car…. holding thumbs you’ll come chat to us 🙂

  10. Mike, this is great!
    Would you consider doing a talk for agencies as well as brands?
    I’m sure everyone on our team would love to hear you speak in person as opposed to reading a Cerebra Resource 😉

  11. Great idea Mike – are you doing a launch in Cape Town too? I am sure there would be a good reason to come visit us in the mother city.

  12. Great idea Mike – are you doing a launch in Cape Town too? I am sure there would be a good reason to come visit us in the mother city.

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